At DSP, we initially set out to find the most experienced and reliable sources in the US fashion industry with the ultimate goal of being able to design, develop and produce our client's goods in the USA using, wherever possible, fabrics also sourced or made in the USA.  We work with the best, high tech, knitting mills in the country and can produce a huge variety of fabrics from 4 gauge to 28 gauge for our clients.  We have fully transparent factories that can cut and sew from 100 units to 5000 units at a time, whether it’s premium Japanese selvage denim, button-up woven shirts, dresses, blended novelty knits, swim wear or athleisure and activewear.  All garments are made in the USA, managed by the talented and dedicated DSP team.

We are constantly exploring new manufacturing technologies, developing sustainable fabrics and encouraging our factories to minimize their impact of the environment in any way the can.  This is the future of the US fashion industry.