"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution"



The DSP Group was initially formed in Los Angeles almost twelve years ago, as a solutions based company for the fashion industry, focussed on Made in USA apparel production.  We set out to build a company that can react to the needs of both new and existing fashion brands, to enable them to successfully operate and compete in a fast moving industry. 

We saw that apparel brands often need a partner that has the knowledge, experience and manpower to help them with some, or all, of what’s needed to take their designs from concept through to production.  Whether that be developing a custom knit fabric or turning sketches into perfect fit samples or cutting and sewing an entire collection……………it’s what we do.

The DSP Group is committed to a constantly evolving supply chain, insisting that our partners adopt transparent and responsible business practices in their production processes and adhere to all rules and conditions of employment required in the USA.  

We now have offices in Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN.

- David Perry, Founder and CEO

Design & Development

The right ingredients mixed and cooked with experience and passion creates a truly great dish and the same can be said for the success of a line.  The design is critical, but equally as important are the Tech Packs, patterns, fabric choice, trims and fit, as well as making sure the final cost of the garment meets profit margin expectations for the brand.  

We have, at The DSP Group, professionals who have worked for some of the largest brands in the industry so we can interpret your vision and bring it to life as a product or collection that you can be proud of. Whether the designs are premium denim, knitwear, wovens or activewear, we have the resources and experience to fit your needs.

We keep the process as easy and informative as possible; we will source or custom develop the fabrics and trims for the designs, in Los Angeles whenever possible, then make 1st fit patterns and samples, revise the patterns if necessary and make a 2nd round of fit then sales samples if required.  All the while developing washes, conducting shrink and torqueing tests and lab dips if the collection includes denim or knits.  The results are finished samples ready for you to shoot or show.

We have access to an extensive range of organic and sustainable fabrics, both from the USA and overseas.



The business side of fashion is equally as important as the creative side, because without accurate budgets, strategies and business structure, the designs may never see the light of day.  That’s why we offer a project by project, or hourly, consulting program as well as services such as merchandising.

And for new brands we start by asking three questions before beginning a project,   “Do you have a business plan?  Do you own your trademark?  Do you have a budget?”  It’s advisable to start with at least two of these, but all three secures you a greater chance of success.




The DSP Group has always designed, developed and manufactured garments for our clients in the USA, 100%.  We have spent almost twelve years specializing in domestic production and have built an extensive and, more importantly, trusted team of incredibly talented designers, developers, pattern makers, fabric suppliers, knitting Mills, dye houses and fully transparent sewing factories that meet our strict code of conduct. Managing a handful of different factories and suppliers, especially if you are remote, can be very challenging, so we take the stress out of garment production by managing the entire process from start to finish.  The DSP Group will be accountable for your designs, ensuring that they are manufactured correctly and ethically as well as on time and at the right price.  When required, we have a great selection of sustainable and organic fabrics, should the brand wish to incorporate them into their designs.



At DSP, we initially set out to find the most experienced and reliable sources in the US fashion industry with the ultimate goal of being able to design, develop and produce our client's goods in the USA using, wherever possible, fabrics also sourced or made in the USA.  We work with the best, high tech, knitting mills in the country and can produce a huge variety of fabrics from 4 gauge to 28 gauge for our clients.  We have fully transparent factories that can cut and sew from 100 units to 5000 units at a time, whether it’s premium Japanese selvage denim, button-up woven shirts, dresses, blended novelty knits, swim wear or athleisure and activewear.  All garments are made in the USA, managed by the talented and dedicated DSP team.

We are constantly exploring new manufacturing technologies, developing sustainable fabrics and encouraging our factories to minimize their impact of the environment in any way the can.  This is the future of the US fashion industry.


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We have offices both in Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN.

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